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Province of Corrientes

This national parks has its origin in a donation by Dr. Troels M. Pedersen who gave his estancia to the National Parks Administration. The 15,060 ha are in the NW of the province of Corrientes, on the northern shores of the system of marshes of the Iberá system.

The park is large enough to contain representative samples of the major habitats of that part of the province, all in an exceptionally good state of conservation, providing thus habitat for the varied fauna of the area. Here there is a remarkably varied Biodiversity due to the fact that three major biomes are present: the chaco, espinal and paranaense rainforests.
The eastern reaches of the chaco are here represented by a mosaic of forest patches, palm groves, grassland and marshes. The two most characteristic trees are the two quebrachos (red and white), urunday and viraró. In the lower land Prosopis alagarrobo trees grow with Celtis and Copernicia, a palm.
The paranaense rainforest here is represented by patches of alecrín, pindó palms, the giant cane (Guadua angustifolia) and laurels.
The espinal is represented by dry woods, Syagrus Yatay palm groves, grassland steppe and shallow marsh.
Amongst the endangered fauna one can find the manned wolf, the paraná otter and the two species of cayman - latirostris and yacare. Howler monkeys are common in the forests and even around the headquarters - the old estancia house.
In the Santa Lucía marshes on the southern border of the park there is a varied fauna of fish species with the dorado, giant surubí catfish, Loricaria armoured catfish and others.

The road through the park is the east-west route 84 which joins the localities of Palma Grande and Mburucuyá. The park is some 150 km from the city of Corrientes and access from here is along routes 12, 17 and 13 to Mburucuyá.

There is an area for rough camping. A nature trail leaves from nearby, the Yatay trail through different habitats in the park - woods, palm groves, grassland and marsh.


Thanks to APN - Administración de Parques Nacionales


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