Excursions and activities in Rio de Janeiro


After the tourists' pick-up from their hotels we go through the districts of Botafogo and Flamengo, pass by the centre and drive due … paradise. Our tour guide reveals to us some facts about Brazil's 'emotional' capital and about what lies ahead.

After an hour and a half we have a short stop prior to proceeding to the fishing village Itacuruçá, some 90 kilometres (56 miles) from Rio de Janeiro. This is the boarding point for our tropical islands schooner cruise.

The smiling sun above us, the sea underneath us, a myriad of islands around us and holiday-mood in us, isn't that the stuff that dreams are made of ? And to put the finishing touch to a 'perfect day', we are tempted to tropical fruits and Brazil's national drink: Caipirinha. The recipe is simple, the taste divine: cachaça (made from sugar-cane), lime, sugar and crushed ice.

Some fishermen's and weekend-chalets frame the islands. The overwhelming majority, however, belongs to lush forests. In awe of such beauty everything seems to hold its breath and time seems to stand still. Only some playing dolphins and fish may break the silence. The Sea invites us to get in touch with her and who could turn down such tempting a offer?

When our stomachs start 'speaking' up, we change the course and head for one of the islands. A buffet-luncheon enriched with fresh seafood will certainly be a delight for our taste-buds and calm our stomachs down. After this Epicurean feast and some idle moments we go on board our schooner to return to the mainland, where our coach already waits for us. We leave the tropical islands behind us, but take pleasant memories with us. Two hours later, i.e. at approximately 6 p.m. we shall arrive in Rio de Janeiro and will leave the excursionists on their hotels' doorsteps.

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DAY 1 - Arrival to Rio de Janeiro Airport and transfer to Hotel. 03 nights of accommodation with breakfast

DAY 2 - City Tour to visit the city and Sugar Loaf

DAY 3 - Excursion to Corcovado and Tijuca Forest

DAY 4 - Transfer to airport

This is a basic program to visit Rio de Janeiro. Please visit our tour list to see more tours combining this area and others place in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile

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